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Matt Lewis, founder, with top advisor
and chief consultant, Ray Palys.

Welcome to Papugai!

So... who is Papugai — and what's with the name?

Okay... As for the name, we have this huge parrot (Green Wing Macaw) named "Ziggy" that was hanging around the studio for a decade or so. One of our large clients, of Russian descent, came into our offices one day in 2000 and said to his associates, "hey, look at the Papugai!" (pronounced pah•poo•guy). It stuck, and we changed our name a few months later. To date, we have found more than a dozen languages use this same word, or some variation of it, which means, simply, "parrot."

The answer "who is Papugai" requires a little bit of history which you can read about on our history page.

The firm was founded in January 1989 as a creative agency. Within the first 10 years we experienced an evolutionary path that some considered impossible. That is, we became a world-class software/web development firm while retaining 100 percent of our creative and brand strategy focus and competency.

Why is this such a big deal? If you are a software engineer or a creative, then you may already know the answer to this question.
Creatives and engineers do not typically synergize well together on a team. We have seen this problem repeated many times amongst our competition, and it really makes sense if you think about the fundamental goal set of these respective groups.

However, exactly the opposite is true at Papugai. Here, our team has been, and continues to be, hand chosen for their skill set as well as their sense of team spirit and appreciation for our unique culture. At Papugai, creatives, software engineers, marketers, and consultants work very closely together as an efficient, tight-knit team to achieve many new and exciting innovations and client projects each and every year.

If a career at Papugai is in your future, then you will experience a new standard in creative culture, professional integrity, respect, and dignity. Thank you for your interest in Papugai. Please take a look at our current openings in TECH, CREATIVE, and OTHER categories.

Please choose your department of interest from the options above.

For more information, please call 425-647-3474 or send an email to

NEWS UPDATES ... 10/5/2015
Branding and creative roots still shine bright at Papugai.
Just under a decade ago, 100 percent of Papugai's business was in branding and creative services. Today, we are more known for our technological inventions and innovations around e-commerce and other web-driven solutions. Still, Papugai's effective brand development solutions and award-winning designs keeps a spotlight focused on it's creative side as well.  » read more
Papugai Celebrates
20 Years!

A note of thanks from managing partner.

I looked at the calendar this week and it suddenly hit me... We've been doing this for 20 years. 20 YEARS? Man... That means every time I tell a story about the 1980's (the decade we started all this), I have to stop and realize that roughly half of our professional staff were still in grade school or perhaps not even that.

But it's fun to think about some of those more-than-decade-old client relationships that are still going strong today.   » read more
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