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[October 20, 2008]

SmartCommerce.NET 7.0 ......... Is Here!

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of  SmartCommerce.NET 7. 0! Take a look at what's new!

New E-commerce and SEO Features
Automated admin tool audits and notes, dynamic section/category management, expanded detail page options, inventory reporting and management, and more!

New Shipping and Fullfillment Features
SmartShip.NET™ shipping module now has an expansive post-order editing and back-order solution, enhanced shipment combining and splitting, automatic monthly updating of shipping vendor data, expanded perishability logic, and more!

All New CMS core!
Tons of great new features including greatly improved image and
table management, spell check, search and replace, full-screen
edit mode, enhanced HTML logic, advanced SEO support, new compatibility with MS Word and all major browsers, and more!, the nation's oldest and largest candy retailer, launched their new website with SmartCommerce.NET 7.0™ in October, 2008!, Bellevue, WA, 1/19/09

Papugai announced today the impending completion of a new website for featuring both wholesale and retail sales of premium Alaskan Seafood products from their processing plant in Kodiak Alaska.

Visit and keep an eye out for this client site's grand opening during the week of March 2, 2009.

Powerful Solutions for Private Label.

Papugai's innovative private label solution, SmartCustomize.NET™, is innovative and highly effective for quickly building a large base of private label accounts.

SmartCustomize.NET™ 3.01 has a powerful new "layers" feature that allows you to stack up to 25 different components on top on one another for a rich look and feel.

» Read more about this powerful private label solution.

NEWS UPDATES ... 10/5/2015
Branding and creative roots still shine bright at Papugai.
Just under a decade ago, 100 percent of Papugai's business was in branding and creative services. Today, we are more known for our technological inventions and innovations around e-commerce and other web-driven solutions. Still, Papugai's effective brand development solutions and award-winning designs keeps a spotlight focused on it's creative side as well.  » read more
Papugai Celebrates
20 Years!

A note of thanks from managing partner.

I looked at the calendar this week and it suddenly hit me... We've been doing this for 20 years. 20 YEARS? Man... That means every time I tell a story about the 1980's (the decade we started all this), I have to stop and realize that roughly half of our professional staff were still in grade school or perhaps not even that.

But it's fun to think about some of those more-than-decade-old client relationships that are still going strong today.   » read more
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